A last goodbye and thanks!


We wrapped the show yesterday, and we’re happy to have had a great run. Yesterday was a full house, and we were so grateful to have so many supportive audiences. Our Capital Fringe journey has been long, and everyone’s ready for a break! Thank you all so much for your support, and continue to visit here to see press and pictures — new pictures from the run will be coming soon!

Our final confessional was story-based, which is appropriate for a summer that was all about storytelling. We got some great answers! Here goes:

At 20, where did/do you see yourself in five years?

“Too much in the moment — did not think that far ahead.”

“Finishing college with my masters and having a good job starting in the FBI.”

“I’ll be in my sophomore year of college!”

“Management, married w/children in New York.”

“Living near the beach, married w/kids.”

“Graduate school.”

“Just out of law school, in government.”

“In the suburbs raising children.”

“Rich, no kids.”

“Married with kids — I was completely wrong.”

“Good job — happily ever after!”

“New York, in TV/a movie… hopefully LAWLZ.”

“In my first job after graduate school — but didn’t know what I’d go to grad school for.”

“Tall, rich, real.”

“Who remembers 20?”

Well, that’s all, folks. Thanks for being a part of this with us! the freshman 15/life in transition was new territory for everyone, and the support was so wonderful.


Last Weekend and More Confessionals!


Hey Team!

Today’s performance will conclude our Capital Fringe Festival experience! It has been a fantastic opportunity with some wonderful and crazy adventures, and we are excited to wrap it up with a BANG. Come on out to the freshman 15/life in transition‘s last show!
Coming from yesterday’s show, we have more interesting confessionals:

How did your parents support you after high school?

“My mom made me feel comfortable pursuing any major. Being a music major, that is great for me.”

“-Asked me if I needed housing. Asked if they could get groceries for me.”

“They didn’t.”

“Financially and a place to live.”

They paid most of my living expenses”

“I went to college and they paid my way. I didn’t have to work during college. (I’m now struggling to put my 19 year old son through college!)”

“I joined the Marines after hs, so my mom really didn’t.”

“Helped pay for college”

“Until I recently got a job, they took  care of pretty much everything monetary which I am so grateful for.”

We have one more show today that we will be putting on in a little under an hour! Closing is going to go amazingly as this experience.


Your friendly neighborhood ASM,


Another great performance — with some more great confessionals!


The always wonderful, ever wacky Trey

Hi all,

Our “late-night” performance went great! We didn’t leave the theatre until 1 AM, but we happily entertained our small audience. Thanks to all who attended, especially former Hokies Rachel and Jarreau. It’s amazing to see the show transform every night, and it’s so incredible that our alumni are supporting us.

Anyhoo, we have two more performances. Saturday, July 28th (today!) at 9 PM and Sunday, July 29th at 4:15 PM. Just click the links on the date/time to buy tickets — we’d love to have you. The audiences have been really gracious so far.

Our confessional question for tonight was:

When was the moment you became an adult?

“Unless you count a bat mitzvah… I don’t think I’m there yet.”

“When my parents got divorced at the start of my sophomore year. That really made me start paying attention to what was actually going on around me.”

“Still waiting… maybe when I lost count of all the bills I have to pay?”

“When I realized that I cared more about some loved ones than I cared about myself.”

“It could be that I’m still waiting for it… or it could have been when I decided not to go back to grad school; to work with computers instead.”

“The morning of my 21st birthday. I woke up and said, ‘Oh damn, shit just got real.’ “

More Shows & More Confessionals!


Tenley and the photobomber lovin’ CapFringe

Hello, your friendly neighborhood ASM, Callie, here again! We have gotten one more show under our belts and everything is running smoothly. Our actors put on another great performance tonight and we had a great audience turn out!

Tonight, our question for our audience was:

What role do colleges play in your community?

“They provide a cheap, abundant supply of attractive employees.”

“At CUA student groups go into the surrounding areas to read to school children or tutor.”

“There are shows and sporting events open to all. There is continuing education.”

“Community college is stepping stone for high school grads not quite ready for 4 year program, has strong nursing programs, trains recruits for sheriff department, etc. Has a fine arts & theater department, encourages business seminars, very important to local community.”

“They provide good theater art exhibitions and the bars are fun too.”

“None, unfortunately. I miss the veggie sandwich places and the foreign films.”

“Educating the youth and providing jobs and economic stability for employees, but also economics is stress for students.”
“Generally, they are vital. Most of the research in science and technology in the college/university; at least the research that is publicly available.”

“They play the role of readiness, experiences, and preparation.”

“Provide a stream of consumer for local business and summer jobs for local students.”

“-Educating students as well as the community. -Encouraging people of difference beliefs to come together. -Opening minds & opening horizons by showing different perspectives.”

“Culture = arts events”

“Source of fear and excitement among teens.”

“Guess I’ll find out! Wish me luck! :)” -UMD incoming freshman

“Anchors of thoughtful coition and conversation.”

“None in Alexandria- but in the DC area they are very important for theater & attracting good folks to the area.

“I play racquetball at my CC. Many HS students go to CC if they aren’t ready for Uni.”

For the next few days we have a little retreat before one more exciting weekend of shows. Only three more to go so be sure to get a ticket and come out to the Capital Fringe Festival!

More confessionals and press!


We’re zipping along in our Capital Fringe journey. The next show is tomorrow, Sunday, July 22nd at 8 PM — be sure to see it! Buy some tickets here.

We’ve gotten plenty of press so far. Check out some of the coverage here! DC Theatre Scene calls our show “both thrilling and sobering” and says that it’s “a superb show from beginning to end.”

In other news, here’s some of the confessionals from Saturday’s performance. We asked:

What’s the value of a degree?

“Like a thousand dollars or something.”

“A lot, if you choose the right major. And the memories…”

“The experiences on the way to earning it.”

“Different for everyone — intangible.”

“Gets you a job out of college that has nothing to do with the actual degree.”

“Too much damn debt.”

“Motivation to love the 15 lbs you gained in your frosh year.”

“Obligatory for employment. Teaches you how much you don’t know.”

Opening night! And more confessionals!


Hi all,
Yesterday was an absolutely insane day for us, especially on the crew. We met up with our lighting designer, Kevin Frazier, at Union Station. Kevin was good enough to join us between dress rehearsals for several other shows this summer, and we were so lucky to work with him. We met up with scenic designer John Darr and headed to Chinatown for paper tech before we could get into the space. Then we had a whirlwind tech, with our own Callie Towler learning how to operate a 2-scene preset light board in 2 hours, having never operated a light board ever! Deborah kept us all together, hydrated, and sane, but tech went off without a hitch. After a short dinner break, it was time for opening night, and we were happy to have so many friends, family, and new faces joining us — the next show is Saturday at 12 PM! Buy tickets here!

Now for the confessionals — We had a ton of great responses! Here’s what our audience said to the question:

What’s the future of the Facebook generation?

“Lots of underemployment, career changes, and master’s degrees.”

“Murderous rage.”

“More open communication… to a point our grandparents’ generation could never imagine.”


“Presidential elections will be run on Facebook.”

“Hopefully success, but probably not

“A bunch of people who will never be able to run for president because of photos posted online.”

“Tube head.”

“Not sure, but I hope they get a better update than the timeline.”


“Communication may be purely digital, which could be our greatest downfall. No one is defined by a single status.”


“Inability to focus for long periods of time, constant need for social attention. Never being actually in the moment — when something unusual happens, everyone is recording/tweeting about it instead of just experiencing it (i.e. flash mobs).”

DC Arrival and Confessional Questions


the freshman 15/life in transition is in DC! Our opening night will be tomorrow, July 17th at 6:45 PM, with five more performances to follow in the next two weeks, so get your tickets here. We are all very excited for opening night and are prepared for a wonderful performance!

Each night, the audience will be asked to share a story or thought of their own about being young or being in college in the form of a question provided in the program. Each performance will have a different question, and the answers can be found here on the freshman 15/life in transition blog! Listen to stories from your fellow audience members after the show.

The following question was provided to the audience at the Blacksburg preview of the show before we left:

What’s the worst mistake you that made when you were 18?

“I don’t make mistakes.”

“Agreeing to (signing) Neil & Lloyd Grossman being my managers.”

“Got engaged.”

“Bitching about going to college.”

“Not applying to more schools. And being the typical crazy freshman.”

“Lindsey Sandifer”

“Lie to my teacher”

“Stayed in a relati0nship because I was ‘comfortable’.”

“Turning 19”

“Start smoking”

“Got blackout drunk and pissed in a drawer of clothes.”

And that is our first round of answers! We will be continuously updating throughout the performances and Fringe Festival so stay tuned and come out to see the show!